OJSC “Belkofe” has been operating on the Belarusian market since 1954 and is a supplier of coffee, coffee drinks and spices for trade enterprises, catering enterprises and children’s institutions.

The carefully selected coffee beans are supplied from Latin America, India and Africa.

Roasting and processing of coffee is carried out in the mature technology of roasting, storage and packaging, designed to take into account the natural characteristics of the product, allow you to create and preserve the unique taste and aroma of coffee.

The total land area used by the enterprise is 3,0559 hectares. Including under construction – 0.609 hectares:

the main administrative building – 555.2 m2;
arch – 802.2 m2;
production facilities – 960.8 m2;
vegetable store – 438 m2;
warehouses – 705 m2;
The enterprise owns an artesian well with a depth of 48 m, an area of ​​21 m2;
walk-through, auxiliary rooms – 157 m2;
boiler room (gas fuel type) – 178 m2;
garages – 119 m2;
OAO Belkofe is located at a distance from the railway for 17 km. The small size of the enterprise causes a narrow specialization in economic activities, limited, mainly by processing by the production of dry bulk products.


Director Suschevsky Alexander Petrovich tel. +375 (1593) 4-22-00
Days of reception:
The first Monday of the month from 08-00 to 20-00

Sales department (tel./fax): +375 (1593) 4-57-10 email: belkoffe@mail.ru
Accounting (phone): +375 (1593) 4-57-01
Reception (tel./fax): +375 (1593) 4-06-64
For the quality of products, please call: +375 (1593) 4-00-03
Name of the parent organization:
Belarusian State Concern of Food Industry “BELGOSPISCHEPROM”
Address: Republic of Belarus, 220006, Minsk, ul. Aranskaya 6.

The operating mode of concern “Belgospischeprom”:

Monday-Friday 9.00-18.00 (lunch break 13.00-14.00)
Reception telephone: (8017) 285-03-96
telephone hotline – (8017) 223-8- 40
Oshmyany regional executive committee
Address: 231103, Oshmyany, st. The Soviet, 103
Sarosek Miroslav Edmundovich tel. (01593) 4-46-16 (01593) 4-55-25
e-mail: oshmiany.rik@gmail.com